individual psychotherapy

I help people struggling with anxiety, feelings of depression and low self-esteem make the changes they need to feel better and live more happily. We often get stuck in patterns of thinking and behavior that interfere with enjoying our lives and making stronger connections with others. Sometimes we turn to addictive behaviors to cope. Sometimes we find ourselves in unhappy, unhealthy, or unfulfilling relationships and can’t figure out how to stop repeating these patterns. I’ll work with you to identify the ways you hold yourself back from living more happily and productively.


I always work collaboratively and transparently, openly sharing with you my thoughts about your situation and working together to find the best strategies that will be the most helpful to you. For some, that means an approach with an emphasis on noticing and changing current thought patterns and behaviors. For others, it may be more beneficial to take some time to explore the influences of the past and understand how that may have shaped and contributed to your current experience of life. For most, it means some combination of the two as well as other approaches such as clinical hypnosis, meditation, and behavioral “homework” assignments.