forensic evaluations

Forensic psychology is a specialty area where the practice of psychology and the law meet and intersect. There are many branches of forensic psychology. I offer consultation to and work with defense attorneys, district attorneys, mental health professionals, and organizations in the evaluation of adults. I have experience in providing expert witness testimony; applying psychological findings to the relevant legal statutes and issues; and providing psychological information to legal personnel and lay people in a ways that are clear and cogent.

My forensic experience has included eight years of work at Bridgewater State Hospital as both a clinician and a forensic evaluator, and two years of work as a forensic evaluator for the Department of Mental Health (DMH). I am recognized by CPCS as a forensic professional, and I have been stipulated as an expert witness in variety of Commonwealth Trial Courts including Brockton District Court, Boston Municipal Court, Plymouth Superior Court, Hampden Superior Court, and Suffolk Superior Court. I have a complete knowledge of MGL Chapter 123 in Massachusetts, and have substantial experience in performing competence to stand trial, criminal responsibility, and aid in sentencing evaluations. I also routinely conduct general psychological evaluations and risk assessments for attorneys and other entities.