couples therapy

One of the wonderful things about a good relationship are the feelings of security and happiness it can add to your life. However, when things get difficult loving freely and openly can become more challenging. People come in for couples therapy for many reasons: to recover from a traumatic event to the relationship (such as an affair); to work on communicating more effectively around particular issues (such as sex or finances); or to discuss breaking up in a way that is humane and thoughtful.

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When I work with people in couples therapy I see my job as facilitating a satisfying, deeper, and more rich conversation between the two of you with the belief that this is what fosters better and healthier communication patterns, and, ultimately, relationships. I encourage you to act with intentionality in couples therapy by setting clear goals for the work you will do. I have a strong belief that effective couples therapy involves cultivating tools and skills that you can use outside of the consulting room, and continue to utilize effectively well after the therapy experience has ended.

I tend to be an active couples therapist: interacting with both of you, providing feedback, and, at all times, trying to make the experience as safe and comfortable as possible.