At times, life can present difficulties and challenges that may feel overwhelming. Perhaps the solutions and strategies with which one managed these problems in the past are not working so well now. Psychotherapy can be a very helpful at these times. Some people seek therapy when there is a crisis in their life, and they need help and support to manage it. Other people come to therapy as a means of self-discovery and personal growth. There are probably as many reasons to come to therapy as there are people in this world, but there is almost always a shared sense of seeking to make a change that will bring greater happiness and ease to life.

The Benefits of Psychotherapy

It’s helpful to have a place to discuss one’s concerns, thoughts, and worries. I have been a therapist for over eleven years, and have helped people with a variety of problems including anxiety, depression, marital or relationship conflict, and phobias.

Targeted Treatment

When you come to therapy, you will find that the experience is tailored specifically for your needs. I make an effort to listen carefully to what is bringing you in, and then apply my skills, professional training, and experience in a transparent way to the issues you present. I believe that for psychotherapy to be most effective, it must be highly collaborative. Sometimes the benefits of simply feeling seen and heard in a particular way can be profound.